Can you believe that Miss Katy Perry has never released a Christmas-themed video? That the woman whose aesthetic revolves around cute, candy-themed outfits has never gifted us a festive clip?

Today sees Perry drop Cozy Little Christmas, a lush ditty about romancing Santa and discovering that the best things in life are free… well, most of them: “Take back all the Cartier and the Tiffany’s and the Chanel… well, can I keep that Chanel?” an eggnog-drunk, bauble-encrusted Perry entreats her guests.

The video also features a cast of adorable stop-animation characters: a reindeer with a disco-ball nose, a snowman, a purple-haired pixie, and… a frozen Santa? A Blue-Meanie-turned-Saint-Nick doppelgänger? Either way, he’s having a great time frolicking about with Katy and his pals.

Watch below!