Album cover artwork for KornHaving released their excellent new album Requiem back in Feb, Korn have been eyedropping us some awesome accompanying visuals – and the latest one is creepy in a perfectly sci-fi way.

Firstly, we get some great close-ups of Jonathan Davis’ bionic nymph mic stand (made by the late sci-fi icon and Alien-designer H.R. Giger; read about that here!), which is just awesome in and of itself.

But the major point of this video is the unnerving animations of miniscule grey webs constructing various faces – effectively 3D-printing them (except there’s no printer) – and then rapidly deconstructing them again. Sound familiar? A bit like the grey goo theory in which self-replicating nanobots take over the world, possibly on their quest to build more paperclips? Yes, we thought so too.

Watch below, and make sure you read our extended review on Requiem right here.

Requiem by Korn is out now via Loma Vista.

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