That’s right: Laura Jean, Aldous Harding and Marlon Williams on one delicious track – and it comes with an absolutely authentic ’90s clip.

Teenager Again is Laura Jean’s first new music since her AMP-shortlisted album Devotion (2018), and will appear on her upcoming album Amateurs. It’s accompanied by a deadset incredible video of genuine late-’90s VHS footage. Laura found the tapes in her mum’s cupboard; they depict fam life, staged re-enactments, school projects, and more.

“Sometimes, our uncle’s wife at the time, the film director Jane Campion, would give us film challenges,” Laura says. “Some of the footage is a result of her challenge to make a film portrait of yourself or someone else. I made portraits of Erica.”

Meanwhile, the song itself is a beautifully textured expression of a very particular series of adolescent efforts.

“I have been chipping away at this song for a long time,” Laura says. I made up the backing vocal parts walking around a park with my dog, and I think that was when I knew the song was ready. It’s wonderful to hear those parts now sung by Hannah and Marlon. The song is about some of the things I tried as a teenager to heal my panic disorder. This included seeing a psychic, completing a Reiki course, going on Lite’n’Easy to try and lose weight, and many other acts of desperation. Nothing worked, but I’m OK.”

Watch below.

Amateurs by Laura Jean is out Nov 4 via Chapter Music.