Man, if this happens it’ll be bigger than the sparring siblings’ eyebrows – could the way be paved for Oasis to reunite?

There are two things about Oasis that everybody knows. First, they’ve released some of the crackingest tunes ever. Second, brothers Liam and Noel are almost always at each others’ throats, which ultimately caused the band to split, seemignly for good this time.

Now the younger of the two, Liam, has taken to Twitter – as he often does – and shared a typically him tweet that could be the instigator to peace talks. Be warned, with little surprise it contains some sweary language…

Noel, the ball’s in your court, mate. Please don’t fumble it.

Speaking of Noel, he has a new single out from the Who Built the Moon? album, entitled ‘If Love Is the Law’. The video is the first in a planned series of seven that together will make up a film entitled Stranded on the Earth.

This first episode of a tale of two outlaws in love also features The Smiths’ Johnny Marr as a guest guitarist. See for yourself…

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