Album cover art for Lime Cordiale 14 Steps To A Better YouLooking well proper, dapper and a little bit dippy, the brothers Leimbach (AKA Lime Cordiale) have gifted us the clip for their new single Country Club, shot all around the UK.

“I just love how ridiculous this song is. It’s full of contradictions,’ says Oli. “I guess that’s the point. In Country Club, we imagine the downfall of a highly privileged character with no sense of the cushy world that surrounds them. A lot of us have got it good, yet some people are just so disconnected from the rest of society that if they aren’t careful, it will come back around and bite them in the butt.”

Well said, brother.

Watch the clip for Country Club below, and head to JB to get your hands on the boys’ latest releases: their EP with Idris Elba (titled Cordi Elba) and/or their 2020 album 14 Steps to a Better You.

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