In this iteration of 5 Tunes from Tim “Hot Puggle Bottle” Lambert we get a whole bevy of different flavour-flavs for the weekend, including Meg Mac, nyck, and trap prince RL Grime.

Vic Mensa, OMG feat. Pusha T 

This is the first drop from Vic Mensa’s new EP The Manuscript, which the artist has described as a “capsule” rather than an EP. The minimal beat on this track leaves the heavyweights trading blows with each other, verse by verse.


Nyck, This Might Be Our Year

Want the good news or the good news first? Ok, the good news: Melbourne duo nyck’s new track This Might Be Our Year might be the nicest bloody thing you’re going to hear today. In other good news: they have a whole new EP (Alive) to share with the world. The pair’s minimalist instrumental is so full of life that the lyrics about the dreary monotony of the everyday are actually uplifting and buoyant. I’ve said it a thousand times before and I’ll say it a million more – how good is the Australian music scene right now?! Hashtag blessed.

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Phoenix, Goodbye Soleil

Remember VHS? Remember 2 mega-pixel cameras? Remember camcorder home videos? As I am writing this I realise that there will be people reading this who legitimately do not remember the dark ages of technology. Luckily, we have Phoenix’s retro-chic new clip for Good Soleil to remind us. Their new album Ti Amo is out right now.

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Meg Mac, Maybe It’s My First Time 

The second cut off Aussie’s crooner Meg Mac’s upcoming debut Low Blows is as bluesy as ever, emotive, raw, stirring – all the describing words. My favourite thing about Meg Mac is that there are no gimmicks; her voice is ridiculous and her lyrics are deep and personal. You get what you see, and all I see is a superstar.


RL Grime, Stay For It feat. Miguel 

I like to end this segment with a turn-up banger for your weekend, and nobody quite makes them like trap lord RL Grime. For Stay For It (from his long-awaited second LP Nova) the LA-based producer has enlisted voice-of-an-angel Miguel for this intergalactic throwdown.