Marilyn Manson has a new album ready to be unleashed upon unsuspecting ears the world over.

Entitled We Are Chaos, it’s a concept album recorded before the world went weird and is set to drop on September 11. It’s Manson’s eleventh studio album, and will feature cover art by the man himself.

“When I listen to We Are Chaos now, it seems like just yesterday or as if the world repeated itself, as it always does, making the title track and the stories seem as if we wrote them today,” says Manson. “This was recorded to its completion without anyone hearing it until it was finished. There is most definitely a side A and side B in the traditional sense. But just like an LP, it is a flat circle and it’s up to the listener to put the last piece of the puzzle into the picture of songs.”

We Are Chaos is available to pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi.

The title track has been plucked from its long-playing bosom and is available right now. This is it: