Album cover art for Marlon Williuams with white vinyl record popping outNo Marlon Williams fan is a stranger to the fact the guy’s a hoot. But it seems that the caramel-voiced New Zealander plans to get extra-playful on his new album.

He’s just released its second single Thinking of Nina, which was spawned (among other things) from a great passion for The Americans, and features a low-key hilarious video:

“[It was] imagined and concocted by the exciting duo who make up Sports Team, and myself,” he says of the clip, adding that it “draws on the silliest stylings of the ’80s New Wave a la Spandau Ballet’s Gold and Duran Duran’s A View To A Kill.”

Meanwhile, it turns out Williams’ recent acting stints (on Sweet Tooth, The True History of the Kelly Gang and more) have informed his new album, which is titled My Boy (just like the first single, which you can read about here) and due to drop in September:

“I’ve always explored different character elements in my music, and I think the more I get into acting, the more tricks I’m learning about representation and presentation,” he says. “I’m trying to make my worlds feed into each other as much as possible. To get braver and bolder with exploring shifting contexts and new ways of doing things.”

And finally: why is the new album called My Boy, you ask?

“There’s a lot of male shapes on the record,” Williams says. “Growing up an only child, I had to outsource my brothers and build a world around me. So while masculinity is a big theme, it’s really subsumed by broader explorations of vitality, and the social and cultural value placed on legacy.”

Sounds bloody captivating. Watch Thinking of Nina below, watch first single My Boy here, and head to JB to organise your pre-order right now!

My Boy by Marlon Williams is out Sept 9 via Virgin Music Australia.

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