Album cover art for Meg Mac with bone coloured vinyl popping outLady of the pipes Meg Mac doesn’t need guitar, drums, bells or whistles; all she needs to slap you sideways is a piano, her voice, and her brilliantly poignant songwriting a la new single Letter.

We knew the Sydney-born talent was working on new material via her March single Is It Worth Being Sad, and now we get the news her third album Matter of Time is on its way in September.

It’s the musician’s first album in more than three years, though Mac did have a full record ready to go in 2020 which she completely binned after a confluence of personal and professional misgivings led to “a bit of a meltdown”. She hauled butt out to the southern highlands of NSW and started writing again, in the little village of Burrawang.

“I wanted to just start again and do everything without compromise,” she says, proud of “…knowing when it’s not right, and having the confidence to say so and to take it in a different direction. Now for the first time, I really feel in control.”

On Letter, she certainly sounds it. Listen below.

Matter of Time by Meg Mac is out Sep 17 via EMI.

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