Neil Diamond is an absolute legend, and today he’s upped that legendary status even further with a fireside take on his classic Sweet Caroline.

BA! BA! BA! (Sorry, it’s an automatic response when we hear or see those words.)

Having retired from live performance following a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, Diamond popped out of retirement with faithful doggo Shamrock by his feet to deliver a slightly revised version, in light of the current coronavirus crisis.

“Hands, touching hands” becomes “Hands, washing hands” while “Reaching out, touching me, touching you” becomes “Reaching out, don’t touch me, I won’t touch you”. Unfortunate but very wise words in the situation that we all find ourselves in at the moment.

So, here’s that updated version of a song that is now entrenched in the US Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”, as well as in the hearts of anybody who’s ever been to a Big Bash match or DJed at a wedding.

As the man himself says in the video, “Maybe if we sing together, we’ll feel just a little bit better.” Legend.

One more time… SWEET CAR-O-LINE – BA! BA! BA!

Neil Diamond at JB Hi-Fi.