To celebrate the 30th anniversary of their breakthrough album Hangin’ Tough, New Kids On The Block have released a new track and a super-fun accompanying clip.

The video captures the lads – Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre and Danny Wood – dressed as old fellas, being introduced to a classroom full of students to teach an important lesson in the history of boy bands.

The catchy new song cleverly touches on the various stages of boy bands over the last five decades and the video is jam-packed with cameos and tributes from the likes of New Edition, NSync (the teacher is Lance Bass), Naughty By Nature and other, mainly ’80s and ’90s, pop groups.

If you want more nostalgia here’s You Got It (The Right Stuff), a video that I personally recorded off the TV in 1988 and watched on VHS a millionty times. Yup, I can still nail that routine.

You can get hold of the Hangin’ Tough (30th Anniversary Edition) when it releases on March 8.