NOFX and Frank Turner album coverAlt-folk-punk icon Frank Turner reportedly “sh-t the bed”, in his own words, when NOFX frontman Fat Mike contacted him last year about recording a split album.

The upcoming West Coast Vs. Wessex will see London-based Turner cover five of his favourite NOFX songs, while LA legends NOFX will reciprocate with five choice Turner bangers, and the whole lot will be released on July 31, via Fat Wreck Chords.

Says Fat Mike: “I listened to all [Turner’s] records, and I picked the ones that I thought I could make more interesting. What I did is change a lot of chords. Frank, he beats me in the singing department. So I can’t sing better than he can, but I can maybe throw in a melody here or there or chord that he hadn’t thought of.”

Meanwhile, Turner comments: “I didn’t want to just do straight covers of anything. I wanted to try and pick songs where I felt like me and my band could bring something different to the table. But it did strike me that it would be cool to demonstrate to the casual NOFXfan, who doesn’t know who I am, that I am actually a fan.”

Check out the album’s first two tracks below – Frank Turner covering NOFX’s Bob, and NOFX covering Turner’s Thatcher F-cked The Kids. Warning: swears.