There was a time when you couldn’t hide from Shakespears Sister’s fab goth-tinged pop monster Stay. That time was 1992.

Then, not long after, the two people behind the grammar-defying band who’d named themselves after a song by The Smiths, former Bananarama chick Siobhan Fahey and American Marcella Detroit, had a falling out and the band was history. Much like their earlier hit, You’re History.

Fahey released some solo records under the name Shakespears Sister, but the lack of Detroit’s distinct voice made them something altogether different.

Anyway, hatchets have recently been buried, and the pair are back with a new single – All the Queen’s Horses – that takes a whole lot of spaghetti western and wraps it around a harmonica and guitar-laden (tuning) fork.

The video was made by Sophie Muller, who created their previous clips all those years ago, and it even gives a few sly – and a few obvious – nods to their past works. Here ’tis:

A Shakespears Sister hits compilation, entitled Singles Party, is due for release this July.