Talk about an international treasure, hard rocking – well, hard everything – legend Ozzy Osbourne has released a piece of merch that could even have master-merchandisers KISS envious.

37 years ago, Ozzy bit the head off a bat at a gig in Iowa. Thrown onto the stage by an audience member, Ozzy thought it was a rubber one and went all showman as he did the chomp. It turned out that it was actually a real, dead bat. Rabies injections ensued…

Anyway, the now legendary event has been immortalised in plushie form, with the release of the 12″ Ozzy Plush Bat – complete with detachable head!

We SO want one of these, however pre-orders are already full, so we guess we’ll just have to spend our $40 on something else. Hmm, how much are those KISS coffins?

Go batty for Ozzy at JB Hi-Fi.