Dua Lipa has released a demo of her smash ‘IDGAF’ in French. Well, mostly in French.

It’s been requested by fans for a while, and Ms Lipa has certainly delivered, even if it does veer from French to English in places.

The track was announced on Twitter…

According to Google – and our shaky remaining high school French knowledge – this translates to…

“To all my French loves, I have just recorded a version of IDGAF on which I sing in French aahhh! There is also a version with Master Gims, my favorite rapper. I hope I can play it very soon!”

So, there’s even more for fans to look forward to soon.

Here’s the complete version of the new take, which – obviously, we guess – carries a language warning

Meanwhile, could Dua be doing the next Bond theme? Brit synth guys Years & Years may have let the cat out of the bag in a recent radio interview. There’s been no confirmation from the Dua camp, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise us. She also expressed interest in doing it earlier this year.

But then seriously, who wouldn’t want to be asked to do a Bond theme? Some even get on the front foot and record them for consideration. Pulp did this for the 18th Bond flick Tomorrow Never Dies back in 1997, but for some inexplicable reason the cauliflower-eared (or perhaps Broccoli-eared?) producers preferred Sheryl Crow. After this rejection, Jarvis and co changed it to ‘Tomorrow Never Lies’ and released it anyway. Here’s what could have been…

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