Post Malone has appeared on Sean Evans’ beloved Hot Ones segment for First We Feast, and amongst chit-chat about rediscovering his passion for music ahead of the release of his third album Twelve Carat Toothache, he casually mentions the alien that appeared outside his ranch in Utah.

The convo started innocuously with Posty describing his new seven-acre home and the crazy fauna he’s seen slinking about: “There is a big mama cougar that runs around,” he tells Evans. “We have a big gate-fence. It’s supposed to keep all the wildlife out, but somehow this cougar keeps getting in. Also, there’s an alien there.”

Say what?

“So, we’ve got cameras all around the whole place,” he goes on. “And it was this big orb. So, if you take Sauron’s eye? It starts forming the shape of Sauron’s eye, and goes under this door. I don’t know what that was.”

Sean responds, “Well, between that and the cougar, it sounds like you’ve got your hands full.”

“Yep,” Posty guffaws. “It’s like Dark Souls whenever I go outside. It’s like Elden Ring!”

They were only up to the second spicy sauce in the line-up, we might add – the 16,600 scoville Mezcaline – so it’s not like the chili was twisting his brain.

Malone also spoke about the rebirth he’s feeling musically; “It feels like I was in a cocoon, and now I’m a beautiful butterfly,” he grins.

We can’t wait to hear the entirety of Twelve Carat Toothache, out June 3 via Republic. Hear its first single Cooped Up right here, and watch old mate on Hot Ones below.