Sound the good-news alarms! Powderfinger have just released the “first single from a forthcoming album of unpublished material.”

Entitled Day By Day, it was originally recorded way back in 2003 during sessions for the group’s fifth album Vulture Street, and was recently uncovered when they “opened the archives and went sniffing around” for old tracks that had never made it to a record, for whatever reason.

Continues vocalist Bernard Fanning: “We never even really had a rough mix of it, as we had obviously decided at the time that it didn’t quite fit with the rest of the songs on that album. Looking back now, I’m not sure why, and I’m actually amazed we didn’t find a place for it on the record. Once we found it, we had Nick Didia remix it and get it into shape.

“Like a few other songs on Vulture Street, it deals with the temporary nature of life and is a call to live in the moment, to be present.”

Listen below, Fingerheads (other suggestions for fandom titles welcomed) and stay tuned to this link for the official video, which is coming at 5.30pm today!

Powderfinger at JB Hi-Fi.