Preatures GirlhoodThe Preatures have shared the video for their track Yanada, from their upcoming album Girlhood.

Frontwoman Izzi Manfredi sings in both English and the Darug language, the Indigenous tongue of the band’s hometown of Sydney.

In our interview with producer and guitarist Jack Moffitt, he said of the ongoing mistreatment of our First People: “I think there’s a big hurt, and a very disenfranchised mob, and that’s a shame. We’ve got a really great opportunity in our lifetime to turn that around. We’ve got to stop ignoring community. I hope [the use of the Darug language] sparks an interest in people taking a bit more pride and being respectful to our Indigenous community.”

From the presser:

Inspired by Sydney Theatre Company’s stirring adaptation of Kate Grenville’s award-winning novel The Secret River, as well as barrangal dyara (skin and bones) a work by Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi installation artist Jonathan Jones – The Preatures stunning new single takes inspiration from the Indigenous heritage of the Sydney region.

“I feel like the song chose me. Once we realised the song needed an Indigenous voice, it became our responsibility to understand what that might mean for the community, and to listen.” Izzi says, whose yearning for connection and understanding led the band to work with Jacinta Tobin and The Darug Tribal Council to include the Dharug language.

Co-writer Jacinta Tobin says she “hopes for the song to honour my ancestors and strengthen country and help heal all living things. I would like to thank The Preatures for walking with me, meeting family, hearing hard stories, showing respect, learning and appreciating our shared history as Australians.”

Watch Yanada below; Girlhood is available for pre-order now.
Girlhood is out August 11, on CD and JB-exclusive black and silver vinyl, via Universal.

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