We won’t judge you if you missed it, but The Strokes have a new single out called At the Door.

It’s the band’s first new music since their Comedown Machine album dropped almost seven years ago now.

The New Yorkers premiered the music video for this lead single from their upcoming sixth record, The New Abnormal, during their set at a Bernie Sanders rally in New Hampshire on February 10, also debuting another album track – Bad Decisions – and smashing out some of their hits while they were at it.

At the Door starts off with synths that sound like a car alarm before Julian Casablancas’ trademark melodic drawl enters, all plaintive swag: “I can’t escape it/ I’m never gonna make it out of this in time…”

It’s not until about halfway through this five-plus-minute track that other instruments enter the arrangement – Casablancas’ vocals taking centre stage throughout – and maybe Fabrizio Moretti was on holidays when they went into the studio to record this one, since we detect zero drumming. It’s definitely a departure from the band’s usual classic rock’n’roll, verse/chorus song structure. Oh, and there’s also some trippy vocoder.

The song’s accompanying Mike Burakoff-directed animated film clip features a young lad whose parents seem to be having a blue, the Grim Reaper, some Watership Down-esque bunnies (one mutant), scenes from other galaxies and forces of good and evil. We’re still trying to figure out what it’s all about, since there are several intersecting timelines, but it’s beautifully done nonetheless.

Check it out for yourself here:

The Strokes at JB Hi-Fi.