The man who would never do any of the horrid things to you, Rick Astley, has marked the occasion of the 35th anniversary of his smash hit Never Gonna Give You Up with a very heartfelt post to his peeps on Reddit.

The popstar has been active on the platform since 2016 under the handle ReallyRickAstley, posting archival photos from his heyday and even recently dropping a cover of GAYLE’s abcdefu.

But this particular message was all about the gratitude:

“Given that so many of the people who continue to contribute to it’s presence in online culture reside here on Reddit, it seems like the perfect place to give thanks!” he wrote. “The song has a life of its own, which my daughter was the first to point out to me several years ago. It brings a smile to my face to see all the fun people have with the song and the video, and really I’m just thankful for all the doors it’s opened for me over the years! Love you Reddit – Rick x”

User FirenWithLime responded: “Not many songs have two lives, both as a quintessential hit song from the 1980’s and an internet phenomenon.”

They – and Rick himself – are of course referring to the trend of rickrolling, the concept of which Eminem recently lambasted in a daytime TV rant.

Never Gonna Give You Up is currently sitting at 1.2 billion views.