New York’s Interpol are back with a new single, and their sixth album not far behind that.

The new single is called The Rover, and it sounds a lot like this…

Meanwhile, the new album is Marauder, and it’s going to drop on August 24.

A funny thing happened while Interpol were working on the new album in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Manhattan rehearsal space, when a neighbour called the cops as they were being rather raucous (damn, we’d love a free Interpol gig!)

“We ruined it for everyone,” said the band’s Daniel Kessler. “It seemed like you’re picking on the wrong rock band,” added drummer Sam Fogarino. “It’s not like we’re Mastodon. I mean, in certain circles, we’re considered wimps!”

Intimate details of the album were divulged overnight via a live stream direct from Mexico City (as you do). If you have a spare 42 minutes and 43 seconds (although much of it is skippable), here’s the whole enchilada. MMMmmm… enchilada! (OK, we probably should have some lunch…)

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