Sampa The greatMC-poet-vocalist Sampa The Great has dropped new single Freedom, the latest from her debut record The Return, due out Friday Sep 13 via Ninja Tune.

This sweetly soulful gem-with-teeth comes after absolute banger OMG, which stunned listeners just a month ago.

Of this new track, Sampa says: “Freedom is about one of the most important talks you will ever have as an artist in this industry: the balance of earning a living and expressing your artistry, and what you’re willing to compromise through it all. It’s a blessing being able to create and express yourself through the arts and an even greater blessing when that artistry can provide a livelihood for you, but it’s likely you’ll reach a point in your career where you’ll be given a choice to compromise your artistic expression. How much you’re willing to compromise is a conversation discussed in Freedom.”

Watch below, and pre-order The Return on CD, black vinyl or the awesome red/green/black splatter vinyl (pictured above) at JB right now.