The Savage Garden hit Truly Madly Deeply is as iconic a ’90s Aussie institution as Drazic’s eyebrow ring, and yet, dark forces are constantly trying to ruin its sacred place in our memories.

How do we know? Because it comes from the horse’s mouth. Darren Hayes, lead singer of Savage Garden, yesterday tweeted one of the most hideous examples of a certain food delivery company attempting the feat. And the chutzpah of their light-hearted delivery as they massacre our boy? Just read.

The tweet was met with immediate horror by many industry figures, with Frenzal Rhomb’s Lindsay McDougall quickly recording his own version of the newly barfed-on hit:

Two of Barnesy’s daughters also weighed in, with Mahalia saying she now couldn’t get the new version out of her head. We’re with you, girl – here’s hoping it doesn’t last. Perhaps listening to the original will help.