As Sesame Street continues to celebrate its 50th anniversary, it’s time to look back at some of the big name musical guests that they’ve featured over the years.

Starting with possibly the greatest one ever, Stevie Wonder ripping through a hyper-funky take on Superstition, we go on to a selection of famous (and not so much) artists either being faithful to their songs, or more likely going the rewrite route in the name of edumacation. Elvis Costello’s reworking of Red Shoes is absolutely priceless, for starters.

Just look at some of the other names that feature in this compilation: Norah Jones, Billy Joel, REM, Ray Charles, The Dixie Chicks, Tony Bennett, Feist, One Direction…

Oh and yes, it also includes James Blunt’s fabulously fun Triangle.

Take it away, Stevie!

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