In today’s ‘I very beg your pardon’ news, it turns out that What About Me singer Shannon Noll is indeed the captain of Australia’s newest esports team, The Motley Squad. And no, Farming Simulator is not his game of choice.

Noll announced his new venture at the PAX gaming expo in Melbourne this morning, telling the crowd: “People still have an outdated idea that only hardcore gamers are interested in gaming. That’s just not true. My kids play, and I’m here at PAX meeting all kinds of people – from lawyers to doctors, kids to grandparents. I’m excited to assemble the rest of the Motley Squad and show how people with different lives and experiences can come together to enjoy gaming together.”

Noll is currently on the look-out for new members for his Squad, saying: “I can’t wait to begin recruiting some fellow celebs to take on some of the region’s top gamers in November at Lenovo’s Legion of Champions tournament.”

We’re very excited for Noll’s fresh project, and so is he – just look at his delight at that Nollsie jersey:

Shannon Noll

For more info on Noll’s new team, visit their Lenovo Legion site.