The latest single from Sheppard exhibits an exciting, crunchier side to the band.

Entitled Catalina, the song about California began forming during an LA writing session, and was finished off in their hometown of Brisbane.

“We were so inspired by California when we were there, that a song about California basically wrote itself,” says Amy Sheppard of the song. “It depicts a racy story of two lovers, sunglasses on and roof down, driving through the Californian desert with the sun in their faces and their real lives in the rear-view mirror. This track isn’t your typical Sheppard sound, but I can’t remember the last time we had this much fun recording a single.”

It’s the latest in the band’s “one release per month” project for 2020, which kicked off back in February with Don’t Believe in Love.

Sheppard at JB Hi-Fi.