Byron’s finest Skegss have dropped details of their debut album, along with a new single.

The long-player, My Own Mess, will feature 15 tracks, and is set to hit on September 7. It’ll be available on yellow vinyl, as well as your standard, erm, rainbow-coloured CD.

Want to know the three-piece’s live faves that made the cut? Here’s the full track listing…

1. Up in the Clouds
2. Infinity
3. Transaction Fee
4. Road Trip
5. Smogged Out
6. Paradise
7. Margarita
8. Couch Party
9. Stop
10. Midnight Eyes
11. Harry Mac
12. Need to Do
13. Testing
14. My Own Mess
15. My Mind

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Meanwhile, Smogged Out has been plucked from the album as the follow-up single to Up in the Clouds. If you don’t mind a bit of LANGUAGE then you can check it out right here…