Critically acclaimed, 26-year-old artist Sky Ferreira has released her first new music since her 2013 debut album Night Time, My Time,* and it’s stunningly different to that record’s ’80s thump-pop.

Downhill Lullaby is lush but dark-dark-dark, with swerving violins and a bison of a slow beat; basically, it makes Lana Del Rey sound like Rainbow Brite. It was produced by Ferreira herself, and Dean Hurley (a longtime sound design collaborator with David Lynch), with co-production by Costa Rican multi-instrumentalist Jorge Elbrecht (who’s worked with Ariel Pink and Japanese Breakfast, amongst others).

Downhill Lullaby is the first taste of Ferreira’s upcoming album Masochism, which is due out some time in late 2019. Listen below.

*Unless you count her guest vocals on Primal Scream’s 2016 track Where The Light Gets In, or The Jesus & Mary Chain’s 2017 song Black And Blues.