Now that we’re totally cool with remaining unshowered for days at a stretch, have you lost track of the number of weeks we’ve been isolating? Life Pro Tip: ISOL-AID have been dispensing their weekly jim-jam knees-up since week dot, so they stand as a handy yardstick. Wiki-wiki-maths-breakdown: ISOL-AID #13 tomorrow means we are doing week 14 of iso.

For this commitment, you deserve to let your filthy hair down for the next ISOL-AID instalment.

In tomorrow’s bash, American label Winspear have hand-selected up-and-comers Barrie, Video Age and Major Murphy to feature; we’ll also get a set from NYC indie-folk darling Margaret Glaspy, and then Gomez’s Tom Gray will do a Q&A about his project #BrokenRecord, which probes the inequity of streaming platform splits, and the disparity of a system that sees all the cash go to a tiny sliver of the market (read: not the artist).

Gray has chosen a few faves to get in on the ensuing sets, after which we get our First Nations artists chunk of the evening: we’ll be treated to sets from Balairi and Jindhu, and the whole shebang will close out with Luke Peacock, who curated the segment.

Charge yer phone, crank yer heater, maybe get yerself a yummy winter din-din going on like soup or pasta or a big jug of mead, and prepare to share the joy of ISOL-AID #13 with your mates near and far.

list of performers in ISOL-AID 13