sting shaggy packshotAlong with the news they’re releasing an entire, collaborative, “Island-influenced” album in April, Sting and Shaggy have just officially presented single Don’t Make Me Wait.

If this is a portent for the rest of their work together, then we can expect a record that’s a lot more reserved/contemplative than we’re used to from ole Shags, and about as centred around aches of the heart as we expect from Sting.

The two musicians met through Sting’s manager, who is also Shaggy’s former A&R man. Shaggy played Sting a song he’d been working on, Sting dug it, and they decided to record Don’t Make Me Wait. But of course, as is the way, they bonded so hard that new songs began to appear.

The new album, titled 44/876, reflects the musicians’ mutual love of Jamaica – “its music, the spirit of its people and vibrancy of its culture” – and will be out on April 20 via Universal.

Listen to Don’t Make Me Wait below.