Holy Project Bluebook Batman, has Dave Grohl finally just gone completely bonkers? The same day Foo HQ drops details of a brand new album Concrete and Gold (complete with Taylor Swift collab rumours) The Big Foobah has casually informed the world that he’s dreamt up his own mega-rock festival to be held in California in October called Cal Jam 17.

The bill? Oh, just Foo Fighters, Grohl’s own personal hero Bob Mould (of Husker Du fame), the mighty Q.O.T.S.A, Japandroids, The Kills, Ministry, Babes in Toyland and Royal Blood! Just makes you want to buy a plane ticket, doesn’t it?

But wait, there’s more! Grohl clearly knows how to have a good time, so he’s throwing in carnival rides, a water park, and Foo Fighters rock’n’roll museum with items from the band’s career. The whole caper takes its inspiration from 1974’s Original California Jam headlined by rock monsters Deep Purple and E.L.P.

So, you want to go?
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