Seattle rapper Macklemore and our very own Toni Watson – AKA Tones and I – have just flung out an absolutely enormous banger, which we implore you to listen to immediately.

Titled Chant, the track begins with deep, building piano chords while Macklemore raps: “Even when the whole world doubts it… this is my moment, they can’t take my talent/ They can’t take my stripes, they can’t erase my hours.” He’s waist-deep in water (much like Splendour-goers right now) and rises up as the arrangement builds, with a rumbling group choir behind him… and then we get Tones’ gorgeous chorus.

“There’s no need to cry for me, I’m a fighter,” she belts. “You can’t take my voice from me, I will rise up/ So what are you waiting for… Are you alive yet?”

Watch the stirring clip below, and get excited for more new music from Tones and I, which we hear is just on the horizon!