Sydney duo Polish Club have a new album due soon entitled Iguana. Wanna hear it now though?

You can get a taste of it, at least in classic 8-bit chiptune style here. Or you could check out the fab new track they’ve released in more traditional format today, Goddamn!. That’s the title, not us getting hyper-enthusiastic – although it is quite the banger. It’s down the page a little…

Says wiggly star of the vid – and the band’s drummer – John-Henry: “Goddamn! was the first song we wrote during the writing process for this record. It’s also the most fun. It’s also a song where Novak is pretty much screaming the whole time. It’s also got a title with an exclamation mark. It’s also got heaps of drums and sh-t on it.”

Iguana hits on June 7. Pre-order it from JB Hi-Fi here.

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