Coldplay have revealed details of an upcoming 12-track album with – as editors and people who value words the world over groan – five song titles as emojis.

They may be a little late to the party with the whole symbolism thing, and it may smell very much of “concept album”, but their ninth long-player, dubbed Music of the Spheres, has been produced by Swedish pop guru Max Martin (no relation to the band’s Chris), so we have tentative hopes for there being some big pop bangers onboard. Even if we can’t hit the DJ up for requests without sounding like utter twits… “Hey, can you play Coldplay’s lolly emoji?”

What? Oh, it’s Saturn. Very well… Anyway, here’s that track listing:

Higher Power

Let Somebody Go
People of the Pride
My Universe

October 15 is the planned day of release. Here’s a trailer for the album, featuring previews of all 12 tracks:

Here’s the graphic in which the band revealed details of the album:


Coldplay at JB Hi-Fi.