Unless you’re talking KISS, band merch is fairly predictable. T-shirts, caps – maybe a backpack. The Killers are changing things up with a new range of hot sauces…

The range consists of four flavours, all handmade and all themed to relevant music by the band.

So, in order of hotness, we get Hot Fuss Hot Sauce, Fire in Bone Hot Sauce, Caution Hot Sauce and the 10/10, not for the weedy Blowback Hot Sauce.

Says the band of the project, “We’ve been involved, with the idea at least, for years. You might say starting the band was just a means to make hot sauce. Yeah, it’s that good. Hotter than Vegas, and with four tasty flavours, it’s more than we thought we’d pull off, to be honest.”

Hmm, we reckon we’ll stick to their latest, Imploding the Mirage, which has just hit on vinyl. Check it out here.

Alternatively, why not have a cowboy Chrissie with the band?