Brilliant 1960s rockers The Kinks are preparing to make a much-awaited return, after apparently sorting out various internal disputes.

Most of these were between brothers Ray and Dave Davies, who have made the bickering of the Gallagher brothers look like mere pillow-fighting. Then there were the other hostilities between Dave and drummer Mick Avory.

The revelation that hatchets have been buried – and not in the various members’ scones – has come to light in an interview Ray Davies recently gave to Channel 4 in the UK.

Davies claimed that they’ve been inspired by the Rolling Stones, with a new album from The Kinks being recorded, along with plans for a tour.

“It won’t be well-organised like the Rolling Stones. You must praise the Rolling Stones for being great at publicity and a great band great at organising their careers, and Mick has done an incredible PR job and it’s kind of inspiring to see them doing it. But The Kinks will probably be playing the local bar.”

Despite the apparent confirmed nature of all of this, when asked to state definitively whether The Kinks are reforming, Davies quipped, “Officially we are… in the pub later on.”

The band’s last release was in 1994, and their last public performance was in 1996. They’ve since lost bassist Jim Rodford (also of The Zombies and Argent), who died after a fall earlier this year.

While we’re on the subject of The Kinks, here’s one of the greatest songs ever…

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