Not only has the new album Amidst the Clutter & Mess from Sydney’s Green Buzzard dropped today, but also a new video. Bonus!

The video is that of the song that shares part of the 12-track album’s title, and you can check it out down the page a tad. It’s the fourth – and apparently final – single to be given life outside of the album.

β€œClutter & Mess is the title track from my album. I chose to name the album after this song because I felt it completely summed up the mood of the album lyrically,” says GB, aka Paddy Harrowsmith. “The line ‘Amidst the clutter and the mess’ is basically how all of 2017 felt for me, it was a pretty turbulent year. After I wrote this song, it really shaped how I wanted the rest of the album to sound. It was sort of a benchmark for the feeling and mood, a starting point, so it felt right to name the album after it.”

Grab Amidst the Clutter & Mess now on CD and vinyl at JB Hi-Fi.