When you think of legendary 1980s band The Smiths, the names Morrissey and Marr usually pop to mind. But there were, variously, three other members.

These three – drummer Mike Joyce, bassist Andy Rourke and later second guitarist Craig Gannon – are up to something, judging by a (now removed) post on Joyce’s Facebook account that listed the trio’s names with a “summer” tease.

We can only guess at what this would entail come mid-year, but the big question is: Does anybody really care when the two M’s aren’t involved? With varying feuds between members – usually involving old crankypants Morrissey – the likelihood of a full reformation is about as real as vegetarian pinup Moz chowing down on a Quarter Pounder.

We’d actually be fine if The Smiths never get back together, leaving what they created as it should be. But the pull of nostalgia being what it is, if they did ever settle their differences for another go round, we’re sure it would be well received …and we’d probably be there.

UPDATE: It has emerged that the planned event was to be called ‘Classically Smiths’, with the three former members mentioned above joining the Manchester Camerata Orchestra for orchestral takes on many a classic tune from The Smiths. However, soon after the announcement, Andy Rourke came out declaring that he had not agreed to be involved. It was announced soon after that the series of planned concerts has been cancelled.

Meanwhile, here’s the Derek Jarman video for the awe-inspiring The Queen Is Dead

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