Sometimes something comes along that just kind of throws you – like this music video for a song entitled Batman Cries. Is this thing for real?

While we’d love to think that it’s a cool bit of wee-taking, it seems that this song from LA-based singer/songwriter Joe Settineri is indeed as serious as what happened to Batman’s parents.

Here’s the synopsis from his website: “The new video for Batman Cries explores the inner superhero in us all – the strong, inner-spirit that fights for us and keeps us moving, dreaming, and striving. It’s about the eventuality that even our strongest self needs to be reassured, lifted up, and cheered on. It’s about being down – seriously down – with seemingly no way up and finding that inner strength to go forth. When a superhero is down, it tears us apart, but when that superhero is us, it’s a matter of life and death.”


So, what do you think? Elaborate prank, clever attempt at getting noticed or sincere, heartfelt outpouring of emotion?

The video looks like a distant cousin to Total Eclipse of the Heart – although no creepy lit-up eyed kids appear – and, well, here it is. As The Joker might observe, “Why so serious?”