It’s time for our daily dose of Tommy! The man who is everywhere currently has now popped up in the new video from The Neighbourhood.

The clip is a sci-fi affair for the band’s track Scary Love, which has been plucked from their self-titled album.

When not trying to work out what he’s holding – hint: it’s a spoon, Tommy – he’s busy blasting robot/alien things in a diner with a zapper gun, hurling roses to the ground and muttering typical Tommyisms.

It rocks. Oh, and the song’s OK, too!

The Disaster Artist – the story of Wiseau’s classic so-bad-it’s-still-bad-but-we-love-it-anyway movie The Room – is out on March 28. Pre-order it at JB Hi-Fi here.

The Neighbourhood’s self-titled abum is out now, and you can check that out here.