Meat Loaf is preparing to embark upon a huge tour, but he won’t be singing. Anybody who witnessed that 2011 AFL Grand Final appearance a few years back will likely sigh in relief at the news.

We were probably the only ones watching that day thinking that he was about to keel over – we were genuinely worried for his health. But instead, and sadly, time has caught up with Mr Loaf, now 70, and his vocal chords just ain’t what they used to be.

So, respect to him for facing up to it, and for roping in American Idol winner from 2014 Caleb Johnson to perform vocal duties on this ‘Back Out of Hell’ tour, for which dates will be announced soon.

It isn’t going to be a vegetarian affair, however, as Meat will be speaking in-between songs, with anecdotes from his amazing entertainment history that ranges from The Rocky Horror Picture Show through to the the mega-selling Bat Out of Hell album and beyond.

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