Okay, we made “bosom-flames” up. But quite frankly, we had to; the new track by Troye Sivan feat. Gordi is so gobsmackin’ good that nothing except a compound of ‘twin flames’ and ‘bosom pals’ will do to describe it.

The song’s called Wait, and it’s one of two original tracks Sivan penned for upcoming film Three Months, which stars Sivan himself along with legendary actress (and everyone’s extra mum) Ellen Burstyn. Here’s the very cute trailer for that.

We did already know that Sivan and Gordi played well together, thanks to gorgeous track Postcard from Troye’s sophomore record Bloom, and it sounds like Gordi was pumped to kick it again.

“I love collaborating with Troye,” she says. “He has this unique way of speaking in images that we then try and translate into melody and lyrics. Our instincts with songwriting really seem to align, and after our work on Postcard, I was excited to have another chance to work together. He told me all about Three Months and said he wanted to write an original song for it. As a proud member of the queer community, I felt a deep connection to the film. We wanted to write a song that was worthy of the story.”

The clip is a series of short deleted scenes (vignettes, if you will) from the film, and to be honest it’s so engaging, we can’t wait to see what ended up actually making it into the movie.

Watch below.

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