The sweaty moshes, the pashing of randoms, the tent-showers: all things we adore about music festivals. Take them away, and what have you got? The musicians and the art they create, which are currently under enormous threat due to COVID-19-related cancellations of events across the globe.

In a fabulous display of the unity for which we love them (see: the myriad Bushfire Appeal shows Aussie artists played for free across the country mere weeks ago), the Australian music community have come together to deliver  us an innovative new kind of music festival, which will feature performances from Angie McMahon, Julia Jacklin, Stella Donnelly, Alice Skye, Didirri, Harvey Sutherland, Romy (RVG), Good Morning, Ainslie Wills, Hayley Mary and more.

ISOL-AID is a “socially (media) distanced festival”, and its organisers of report that “according to, the current tally of losses for the Australian music community, (for performers, production, crew, hospo workers, managers, booking agents & more) sits at $150 million dollars.”

That’s horrifying, to put it mildly.

So, here’s how ISOL-AID will work: running from 12 noon until 12 midnight on both Saturday March 21 and Sunday March 22, some of our country’s raddest musicians are going to livestream on Instagram Live. Performing from their lounge rooms, bathtubs, attics, or wherever they happen to be self-isolating, each will play a 20-minute set and then pass the baton to the next artist, sending us lucky viewers on a journey of new music discovery. If they have the means, viewers can buy music and merch from the artists’ Bandcamp and Patreon pages as well as their dedicated websites, and can also donate to the Support Act fundraiser  which provides relief for music industry workers facing mental health issues or financial hardship.

There is a list of every musician playing and their allotted set-time below, but we’re planning to just tune in and see where the river flows. See ya there.