Album cover artwork for Vance Joy with vinyl record popping outMop-haired talent Vance Joy has announced his third album, titled In Our Own Sweet Time, and dropped a super cute single and clip to go with.

Clarity is, by Vance’s own account, “very upbeat and poppy” to the point that it makes him a little bashful – but that’s exactly why it’s the album’s first single, he attests. Where did he get that chunk of wisdom? From former Semisonic frontman and songwriting-gun-for-hire Dan Wilson.

“[Dan] says if there is a song you might be a bit shy about because it feels poppy, or makes you feel uncomfortable because it’s saying something really directly, that’s probably the single,” says Vance. “I got that feeling from Clarity. When we finished the song, Joel said he could imagine the feel of the production – when he sent it back to me, with the full production, it just exploded.”

That ‘Joel’ he’s referring to is, of course, Joel Little, with whom Vance wrote Clarity over Zoom after a Halloween party.

The clip meanwhile is “based on a true story”, which if true positions Vance as the greatest Emma Woodhouse figure of recent local music video industry history.

But what about the album, you ask?

We know it’ll include recent singles Missing Piece and Don’t Fade. We also know it was primarily written during the pandemic. And we’ve also gleaned that it was heavily influenced by Vance’s romance with his Spanish girlfriend – the tracklist includes a song which details Vance’s experiences discovering the city of Barcelona, with his girlfriend as his guide.

Here’s what Vance himself has to say about how he named this collection of material:

“I’m always drawn to the idea of timelessness, or that shared moment that takes you out of the chaos outside. If the world is crazy, you can retreat somewhere. It’s always hard to think of the right title, but I think that sums up the album perfectly.”

In Our Own Sweet Time by Vance Joy is out June 10 (including on JB-exclusive Coke Bottle Green vinyl, pictured above) via Liberation.

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