Album cover art for Imagine DragonsLas Vegas pop-rock masterminds Imagine Dragons have just released their fifth album Mercury: Act 1, and to celebrate, we’re strolling down memory lane with some adorable ‘before they were famous’ footage.

Who could’ve imagined that the excitable, endearingly out-of-tune act who competed in a Utah University talent quest would go on to give us Thunder, Radioactive and Demons?

Let’s face it: you can see the raw talent oozing right out of vocalist Dan Reynolds’ pores as he smashes out Clouds (an unreleased track), and we can even believe that some of the kids who were there to see Kelly Clarkson might have become early converts.

Have a gander below, and get in on Mercury: Act 1, available at JB Hi-Fi now!

Mercury: Act 1 by Imagine Dragons is out now via Interscope.

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