EDM’s most gargantuan festival, Ultra – held in Miami in the last weekend of March, attended by multiple hundreds of thousands of music fans, and dependably sold-out within minutes of tickets going on sale every year – had itself a decidedly creepy guest DJ take the stage on Friday.

It wasn’t a last minute decision, either; he’s right there on the official line-up for a 5-minute set at 5:35pm:

While we don’t know exactly who that is in the Frank/Deadmau5-esque mâché headmask, we do know that his jaunty two-step was accompanied by a yappy, amplified voice telling us he is Colonel Sanders, and he is everywhere. “Tell ya what – these tracks are finger lickin’ BANGIN’!” he hoots as the beat drops.

Some in the industry slammed the move as cheap, while others were (albeit low-energy) amused.

It was certainly weird. Watch below.