Album cover artwork for Rammstein with black vinyl record popping outYesterday the undisputed kings of the musical underworld Rammstein released their eighth album Zeit – and today comes a classically disturbing video from the lauded Berlin six-piece.

Angst isn’t the first single from the album (see the awesomely sweeping epic that is the title track and the brilliant, can’t-look-away Zick Zack), but it’s Rammstein to utter pefection, because there’s such truth in the horror.

Arranged in a wheel shape, six wedges of domestic bliss are presented with the Everyman living out his harmless, chucklehead life… until the camaraderie turns insular, the walls go up, and violence is all but guaranteed.

Watch the clip below, and head to JB to get your hands on Zeit.

Zeit by Rammstein is out now via Universal.

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