Thanks to the black magic of the internet, we’ve been inhaling the brilliance that was Glastonbury 2022 right from our wintry bunkers, and wowow, this year really delivered.

With a line-up that featured the best of punk (IDLES), pop (Billie Eilish, HAIM, Pet Shop Boys), classic rock (Paul McCartney, Noel Gallagher), rap (Kendrick Lamar), disco (Diana Ross) and everything else you care to poke a glowstick at, here are the best performances available to watch on the BBC Music channel!

Olivia Rodrigo feat. Lily Allen, F-ck You

These two besties teamed up to jam out an absolute corker version of Lily’s 2009 track F-ck You, from the album It’s Not Me, It’s You. While the song’s best remembered for its blithely-delivered, sing-songy chorus, its verse lyrics actually focus on the kinds of sexism, homophobia, and general bigotry that make Lily’s blood boil – which is why it was so fitting the two artists dedicated their performance to the currently sitting Justices of the US Supreme Court, who you may know overturned a long-established precedent this weekend.

Confidence Man, Holiday

Quite frankly, if you don’t like Confidence Man then you don’t like fun. Here they are flinging out the very excellent Holiday, from their album of this year TILT. You can also read our amusing chit-chat with Janet Planet and Sugar Bones about the record right here.

IDLES, Crawl!

Heed our lyrical warnings on this one, as Joe Talbot and his merry band of IDLES perform the giant Crawl! from their 2021 album Crawler. If you want to know what old mate is yelling all about, start with our 2018 interview and then head to our review of Crawler.

Herbie Hancock, Cantaloupe Island

Think you don’t know Cantaloupe Island? Sure ya do – just let just a few seconds of that piano riff hit your ears, and you’ll be shimmying away with the funk fairies. (That’s as accurately as we can describe the classic choon, ‘cos the dang thing doesn’t have any lyrics.)

Glass Animals, Heat Waves

This is the song which devotees of Oxford four-piece Glass Animals were waiting for: the slice of pop perfection that is triple J Hottest 100 victor of 2020, Heat Waves. Frontman Dave Bayley is visibly delighted in the below performance, and we’d also like to shout-out the best kick drum decal we’ve seen in a while on drummer Joe Seaward’s kit. Bask in the splendour below.

Billie Eilish, Oxytocin

Yer girl Billie was totally on form during her twilight set, with ginormous production and super-sprightly performance. The only thing that sticks in our craw about Billie live is that her energetic stage presence often betrays the obviously piped-in vocals – biologically speaking, you simply can’t sing in Billie’s breathy style while jumping with such animation. Still – it’s a damn good show.

Primal Scream, Moving On Up

The inimitable Bobby Gillespie absolutely glammed it up in a PS boiler-suit and joyfully sauntering attitude to match, which is all we want from the iconoclastic Scot.

Phoebe Bridgers feat. Arlo Parks, I Know the End

With a set that drew from all the poignant emotion of her 2020 album Punisher, Phoebe Bridgers treated fans to a rendition of her gobsmacking track I Know the End – and was joined on stage by fellow critically-acclaimed and globally-adored twenty-something Arlo Parks.

Paul McCartney, I’ve Got a Feeling feat. John Lennon

Mr Stamina himself delivered precisely the quality sort of 38-song set (that’s nearly three hours worth) we’ve come to expect from the 80-year-old, which really isn’t fair but here we are. He knocked it all out of the park, but we were particularly moved by this rendition of I’ve Got a Feeling, in which the second verse is sung but John Lennon – beamed across the universe on the back screen, via footage from The Beatles’ famed rooftop concert (the story of which you can read right here).

Wet Leg, Chaise Longue

In case you haven’t heard, people in the know all over the damn world love Wet Leg. Here’s a brilliant performance of the usually deadpan Chaise Longue, which is all the more amazing because you can literally see Hester and Rhian doing their best to quell the excitement of playing in front of this hundred-and-something-thousand-strong crowd.

We also recommend you read our recent interview with Hester about the gals’ debut album, right here.

Crowded House, Don’t Dream it’s Over

Neil’s looking quite dishy as an increasingly silver fox, and the Glasto crowd is looking quite enamored with their own singalong, in this gorgeous performance of Crowded House’s classic.

TLC, No Scrubs

Let’s finish with this absolute belter, which is far too often overshadowed by TLC’s other smash hit Waterfalls (the Glasto performance of which you can watch here). First of all, just look at that stage set-up! T-Boz and Chilli are obviously not content to rest on the laurels of the sound system, instead opting for a (deliriously energetic) live drummer, brass section, guitarists and more.

The performance itself is excellent, proving the womens’ vocals remain A+ in technique and style after a 32-year career. Superb stuff.