Wave Racer – aka Tom Purcell – has linked up with US rapper and songwriter LunchMoney Lewis for a new single, entitled This N That.

Out today, it pairs the rapper’s autotuned vocals with metallic production.

“On the production side, there was a vital combination of determination, frustration and emotion that went into finishing this song, with more revisions, re-writes, do-overs and second-guessing than any song I’ve done before, which I think can be heard in some of the abrasive and distorted tones that intertwine the vocals,” Wave Racer explains.

“As such, I like to think this song’s production represents a growth and a transition between old and new sonic textures for me. Furthermore, having Lunchmoney Lewis on board was nothing less than a privilege. His songwriting abilities are second to none, and I learned a lot about song composition working with him. His vocals and unique lyrics carry this song in a way that no other vocalist could, and I’m so pleased with how the song came together after all our efforts.”

If you want to catch Wave Racer – named after a very cool Nintendo 64 game – live, then head to this year’s Falls Festival in Marion Bay, Lorne, Byron Bay or Fremantle.