We’re serving up three very different slices of Aussie pop to chow on during today’s high tea: the immersive atmospherics of Mallrat’s shoegaze-pop, a crazy-catchy new bop from Mia Rodriguez, and an adorably honest confessional from Alex the Astronaut.

Album cover artwork for Mallrat with blue vinyl record popping outMallrat, Teeth

Mallrat’s debut album is finally on the radar (Butterfly Blue, cover art to the right, coming out May 13 – put it all in your Dinky Diary), and with that info comes the gorgeous Teeth, the record’s first single. Mallrat has managed to weave a magic both intimate and cosmic within its confines.

Here’s what she’s said about it:

“I like to think that if Teeth was out in 2004 it would be on The OC soundtrack. In the song I describe a big, omnipresent ‘it’. When I wrote these lyrics I was playing with the idea that we talk about sex and prayer and violence and power with very similar language. I wanted to see if I could blur all of these things into one blurry ball of energy.”

Very cool.

You can pre-order Butterly Blue from JB right now, by the way; do that here.

Album cover artwork for Alex the Astronaut with teal vinyl record popping outAlex the Astronaut, Octopus

Here comes another jovial heart-punch from Alex the Astronaut, who’s dropped the first single from her just-announced sophomore album How to Grow a Sunflower Underwater. It’s called Octopus and it’s about Alex’s recent diagnosis with ASD.

Here’s how she explains it:

“A group of octopus can be called octopuses, octopi, or octopods. I like octopods the best. Octopods can change colour to blend in with their surroundings, regrow limbs, and decorate their houses with shells. They are amazing geniuses that live amongst us. Growing up we learn that only people that show a certain set of skills can be called clever, or valuable to society. When I was diagnosed with ASD last year I was worried people would look at me funny and think that I don’t fit when they found out, which they do sometimes but I learnt that we all have a different set of superpowers, like our friends the octopods. All of us need a little help from our friends sometimes and all of us have a superpower that could help the world grow. If we stopped worrying about how much everyone does or doesn’t fit I think we’d all be braver, more curious and much kinder.”

Its clip is a beautiful li’l animated tale, which you can watch below.

The album’s out July 22 and is also up for pre-order as we speak; get on that here.

Mia Rodriguez, Shut Up

With a lyrical hook that’s giving us all the Daria vibes, Shut Up by 19-year-old Mia Rodriguez is one of those jams that’s gonna lodge itself in your frontal lobe in no time flat. How great is the line, “No offence to me, I’m not a masterpiece, I’m a piece of work, and that works for me”?

The song was written by Mia along with Tate McRae, Frequency and Lowell. Mia herself says it’s about: “being bored and lonely in this sick, sad world and no one gets you like you do. Others might be trying to help, but you’re the only person that can look out for yourself and at the end of the day – you’re good with this!”

Right on, sister.

Watch the adorable clip below.